Our Leadership Team

Board Members

Lawrence Gottlieb, Chair of the Board

Richard Tanenbaum, Vice Chair of the Board

Donald Ashkenase, Chair, Audit Committee

Michael Bizenov, Chair, Development Committee

Madeline Caslow, Chair, Program Committee

Paul Millman, Chair, Facilities Committee

Lee Perlman, Chair, Finance Committee

Robert Winning, Chair, Governance Committee


Ingrid Fishman
David Fried
Leo Genn
Ellen Grossman
Renee Krieger
Eric Lastres
Howard Mann
Betsy Perlman
Andrea Resnick
Judy Sonkin
Gregory Tanenbaum

Executive Team

Danielle Ellman, Chief Executive Officer

Alex Ansong, Chief Financial Officer

Renee Greer, Vice President of Human Resources

Danielle Hersch, Associate Vice President of Agency Strategic Initiatives

Greg Rideout, Chief Program Officer

Senior Leadership

Barbara Becker Bruno, Assistant Vice President of Older Adult Services

Danielle DeAngelis, Assistant Vice President of Youth Employment Services

Danielle Hersch, Assistant Vice President, High School and College Success

Debra Ilberman, Assistant Vice President of Mental Health Services

Mitch Karpp, Assistant Vice President of Youth Education Services

Craig Lastres, Assistant Vice President of Operations

Brynn McCormick, Assistant Vice President of Adult Employment

Dale Stark, Assistant Vice President of Health and Wellness

Lee Berenson, Director of IT

Tricia Campo, Director of Early Childhood Services (Little Neck)

Erica Cando, Director of Early Childhood Services (Forest Hills)

Rory Hersch, Director of Membership and Community Outreach

Jafar Hussaini, Comptroller

Robin Kaufman, Director of the Parenting Center

Peggy Kurtz, Director of Cultural Arts & Jewish Heritage Programs

Jared Mintz, Director of Communications

Amina Osmani, Accounts Receivable Manager

Nina Shmuel, Bookkeeper

Amanda Smith, Senior Director of Special Services

Judy Vladimir, Senior Director of Development