Commonpoint Queens at Home

Community Happens…at Home!

As our community seeks to lower the impact of COVID-19, we wanted to be able to provide you with age-appropriate resources so that education and engagement can continue outside of our community-centers. We will be featuring story time, exercises and activities with all of your favorite teachers, instructors and experts. Please see below for more materials, and enjoy reading with us, exercising with us, learning with us, and continuing to be a part of our community from the comfort of your home!

Early Childhood

After School and Camp

Older Adults and Health & Wellness

Youth Sports 

Additional Resources for families:

How to Talk to Kids About Coronavirus (NY Times Parenting Section)

Center for Disease Control 2019 nCoV website

NYS Department of Health Novel Coronavirus Website

NYS Department of Health Novel Coronavirus Hotline 1-888-364-3065

New York State Center for School Health