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Commonpoint Presents – Health & Wellness

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Our Associate Vice President of Mental Health Services, Dr. Natalie Brooks Wilson shares the exciting resources Commonpoint has in its health & wellness and mental health programming.

Caring For Our Minds

CAPE is Commonpoint’s mental health outpatient treatment and rehabilitative service program. Our services provide individual, group, and family therapy, psychiatric evaluations, and medication monitoring, in-person or through telehealth services.

“We come alongside our clients and their families to help them know that they don’t have to go through grief, isolation, depression, or relationship troubles alone. Our diverse staff works to validate our clients’ experiences while ensuring that they feel supported as they gain/regain a sense of control in their lives.”- Dr. Natalie Brooks Wilson, Associate Vice President of Mental Health Services

The body and mind are connected.

At Commonpoint our model is a unique whole-person approach designed to strengthen and encourage all who come through our doors.

Caring For Our Bodies

Our physical health & wellness team focuses on physical and social health across various activities such as sports, fitness classes, swim lessons, and dance classes. From pickleball clinics, and gymnastics, to older adult exercise classes – our team has something for everyone of all ages.

“You will leave our classes feeling accomplished and supported, as our team encourages you or your little ones every step of the way. The social component is important to us. If we can help someone feel good about themselves physically and emotionally, we have done our jobs right.”

– Dale Stark, Assistant Vice President of Health & Wellness

Let’s Play Pickleball – Clinic and Game Play – May 23, 2024
Commonpoint Queens Tennis and Athletic Center at Alley Pond

A group of people standing on a tennis court at Commonpoint, holding paddles and a trophy, smiling at the camera inside an indoor facility. The event celebrated wellness and health through friendly competition.

A donation of any amount can support our efforts to provide health & wellness for more youths lacking access to recreational activities and outlets in their community or school.