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It’s amazing that Isabela has peers and role models who are also hard of hearing

We found out about the Lisa Beth Gerstman program at Explorer Day Camp by chance when visiting Isabela’s ENT. The Lisa Beth Gerstman Foundation enables children who are hard of hearing to experience summer camp, and partners with local day camps to send children into integrated camp settings. This program has been a perfect fit for our family. 

Commonpoint Queens’ experience with safety guidelines as an emergency childcare during the pandemic gave me so much confidence to send Isabela – and her brother Andrew – to a new program after spending months stuck in the house. From the first day the talented and caring staff made my children feel at home, as their comfort level allowed them to explore new activities, learn new skills, and make so many new friends.

Being around peers and role models who are also hard of hearing, has helped Isabela thrive! She’s made tons of friends, overcome some fears like learning how to swim (she’s a fish in the water now!), and she has truly developed a love for camp – she can’t wait for her third summer at Explorer! Isabela is so excited that she’s learned cooking skills, how to do magic tricks (which she still won’t tell us how she does them!), and how to make some really cool art projects, and we’re looking forward to new adventures and going on some fun trips.

I can’t believe that something as great as this program came as a result of the pandemic, and we’re all so grateful to be a part of Commonpoint Queens!”    


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