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Jason Berger

Jared Mintz | February 1, 2022

Jason Berger has spent the last several years contributing to the greater community as a stellar student, athlete, volunteer and youth worker. Here are several examples of Jason’s involvement and excellence as he grown and supported his local community.

Volunteer for Food Pantry

Jason delivered meals during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic in New York City in 2020, and helped contribute to the delivery of thousands of meals across queens to the eldery, and less fortunate.

Commonpoint Queens pantry deliveries 


Lifeguard and Swim Instructor for Island Quest Day Camp
Jason has taken pride in teaching younger kids  how to swim during a time in which access to pools has been limited. His summer job consisted of teaching group and private lessons to young kids, as well as children with developmental disabilities, and enhancing their swimming abilities through fun, interactive lessons.

Names Not Number
Jason participated in Names Not Numbers, a holocaust documentary film project offered to schools around the US, Canada and Israel. The films follow students as they learn the main aspect of filmmaking from journalists and filmmakers including research, interviewing techniques, filming techniques and editing, to prepare them to interview and film survivors and liberators themselves. Jason enjoyed the face to face interaction and personal relationships he was able to develop with the 4 survivors he got a chance to meet and learned to never take anything for granted, as in an instant, it can all be taken from you.

Jason also participated in a talk back about his experience in the program which can be found here.

Jason spent 10 years playing guard for many different teams (currently plays for Hackley), and learned to develop a work ethic, and to work his hardest to achieve goals he set his mind to.

Jason spent 7 years playing Attack and Midfield for various teams (currently plays for Hackley), and learned what it takes to be a good teammate, athlete, and man