Types of Rentals

With well-kept, state of the art gymnasiums, indoor and outdoor swimming spaces, large multi-purpose rooms with chairs and tables, Commonpoint Queens has multiple locations available for rentals that are perfect to host parties, meetings, sports leagues, and even Weddings! There’s no event too big or too small for our facilities.

For more rental information for our gymnasiums, indoor turf field, multi-purpose rooms, and all type of birthday parties please reach out to the following contact people:

Bay Terrace Pool and Athletic Center (The Bubble)

Valentina Ovalle
(718) 423-6111
[email protected]


Central Queens Gym, Indoor Pool, Birthday Party, and Room Rentals

Adam Ostroff
(718) 268-5011 ext. 505
[email protected]

Sam Field Center Gym, Birthday Party, and Room Rentals

Dane Warren
(718) 225-6750 ext. 228
[email protected]