Culinary Training and Job Placement Program

The Culinary Training and Job Placement program at the Commonpoint Queens Employment Hub is a 12-week FREE program that prepares adults facing barriers to employment for secure and stable careers.

Our program provides critical culinary and professional skills students need to thrive in the food service industry:

  • Culinary Arts Training: Students learn fundamental culinary techniques in our commercial kitchen. Their daily, hands-on food production helps feed those in need in the Queens community.
  • ServSafe® certification: This national food safety training confirms to prospective employers that our graduates understand the requirements of safe food preparation.
  • Career-Readiness Training: Job-skills and career-readiness training is included to enable long term success and adjustment to the professional kitchen.
  • Internships and Job Placement: The Hub helps graduates find real-world internships and employment opportunities in the food industry.

Programs will be held at the Commonpoint Queens Employment Hub, 77-17 Queens Boulevard in Elmhurst. Our next session will begin in September 2023. 

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