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Community School Initiatives

Commonpoint Queens partners with Martin Van Buren High School to offer a variety of services and programming to students, families, school staff, and the greater community. Our Community School team works closely with the school to offer school wide programming, attendance interventions, mental health counseling, community service opportunities, mentoring and field trips. Our goal is to increase attendance, school participation and strengthen the sense of belonging and community. Some programming includes; yoga/mindfulness, creative arts, guest speakers to conduct workshops, basketball tournaments, Paint Nite, professional developments for school staff, and college access workshops and individual support for all grades.

For more information, please contact Heather Liverpool, Senior Director at (718) 776-4728 ext 1120 or [email protected], or Samentha Jean-Charles, LPMHC, Assistant Director of Community Schools (718) 704-7609 or [email protected] 


My Brother’s Keeper & My Sister’s Keeper:

My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) and My Sister’s Keeper (MSK). MBK and MSK both  provide mentoring to young men and women of color to reduce chronic absenteeism, improve academic achievement, community involvement, and leadership development. This program is sponsored through the generosity and valued partnership with NYC Community Schools.

For more information, please contact Manika Joseph M.S.Ed., Program Coordinator  at (718) 776-4728 ext 1359 or [email protected]


A.C.E. Program: Achieving and Creating Excellence
The A.C.E program allows students in their freshman and sophomore years to gain skills needed for their success in high school and beyond. By partnering with a quality and engaging staff during their transition into High School, ACE students are set up for continued support through critical services such as individual and group counseling. Students have a safe space to meet with a counselor one on one to address personal and/or academic concerns. Counselors work to promote positive social emotional growth amongst the students and provide regular and ongoing communication with parents and families. Through participation in ACE, students have access to team-building and educational trips, peer groups, peer tutoring, after school activities, and more. This program is sponsored through the generosity and valued partnership of the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development.

For more information, please contact Michelle Nesfield, Program Coordinator at (718) 776-4728 ext 5503 or [email protected]


S.O.A.R. Program: Student Opportunities for Achievement and Readiness
Commonpoint Queens provides a school-based counseling program for juniors and seniors to help improve students’ attendance, academic performance, and their social and emotional well-being. S.O.A.R. takes a holistic and comprehensive approach in addressing the various needs of our students and providing them with the skills and tools they need to learn and grow. The SOAR program leverages all resources and referrals to ensure quality and individualized care for each of our students. Participants are given consistent encouragement and support in a safe environment to keep them on track towards graduation and prepare them for life beyond high school. Students are provided with access to individual counseling, group counseling, academic advisement, college and career readiness, peer tutoring, family outreach, and field trips.

For more information, please contact Anacaona Nedge Antoine, LMSW, Director of Mental Health Programs at (718) 776-4728 ext 5542 or [email protected]

We wanted to share this video that a friend at “West Elm” created, to reflect on our S.O.A.R. program’s Beautification Day at Martin Van Buren H.S. Check out these “Before” and “After” pictures, and enjoy the transformation at


Level Up Program
The Level Up program is designed to provide high school students with opportunities to create, plan and implement their own community service projects and events both within the school and out within the community. Each group member will be encouraged to develop a strong knowledge of effective teamwork, as well as hone their critical thinking skills within a safe and supportive environment of their peers. This is an amazing opportunity to allow students to find their voice and work to make a difference within their school community.

For more information, please contact Samentha Jean-Charles, LPMHC, Assistant Director of Community Schools at (718) 704-7609 or [email protected]


Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT)
Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) is designed for high school students who are in need of community support. LOT is in partnership with social workers and psychotherapists that will provide resources to address needs to all students. LOT will help with transition points in student’s lives by creating groups and individual counseling for those who present hardships.

Leaders of Tomorrow will support students at MVB focus on relationship building ,career building, life-skill building, mentorship building and social emotional building. LOT will provide students with essential life-skills, anger management, conflict resolution, coping mechanisms, and life-threatening behaviors. Students will learn to become accountable for their success in the classroom and in their lives beyond school.

For more information, please contact Michell Marin, M.S. – Program Director at (718) 776-4728 ext 5504 or [email protected]

Click here for information about our food pantry at Martin Van Buren High School

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