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Learn & Earn
The Learn & Earn program is a multifaceted program with an array of services funded through the Department of Youth and Community Development through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. This program serves an at risk population and participants must meet eligibility requirements in order to be enrolled which can include low-income barriers and individuals with disabilities. This intensive program engages participants beginning in their Junior year and follows them through their first year of college. Program enrollment is limited and begins in April and closes in August.

The program includes elements of work readiness, college readiness, service learning, leadership development, job placement and comprehensive guidance and counseling. Participants engage in weekly group sessions, leadership retreat experiences, college tours and more!

*Enrollment for Learn & Earn begins in April of a student’s Sophomore year and concludes in late August/early September before entering Junior standing.  Students must meet eligibility criteria and maintain a two year program commitment.

For more information, please contact Elizabeth McArdle, LCSW, Senior Director, at (718) 736-7100 ext 1243 or [email protected] or Nicole Ponce, Program Coordinator, at (718) 736-7100 ext 1243 or [email protected]


The G.O.A.L.S. program offers extended day services for freshman and sophomores at the Queens High School of Teaching.  The purpose of this program is to help students properly transition and gain the skills necessary to succeed in high school and beyond. This program offers a wide variety of programming such as academic support, tutoring, group and individual counseling, college and career readiness, community service, and recreational activities. Some of these activities include, culinary arts, yoga/mindfulness, and creative arts.  Through participation in the G.O.A.L.S. program, students also have access to attend educational and recreational field trips, and more. This program is sponsored by the generosity of the New York State Education Department.

For more information, please contact Elizabeth McArdle, LCSW, Senior Director, at (718) 736-7100 ext 1243 or [email protected]


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