Island Quest Day Camp Mission and Values

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Our mission is to develop thinking, caring and contributing individuals through joyful, nurturing, and exciting experiences. At Island Quest, we are guided by the following values:

Live Courageously
Dream big and take brave steps to reach ambitious goals. It won’t always be easy, but it will always be worth it–embrace challenges, learn from setbacks. Never stop dreaming, never stop climbing.

Seek Solutions
Approach all challenges with the belief that there is a solution. Share your positive approach with others and work together to overcome challenges.

Stay True
Discover your true self and find the experiences and relationships that challenge you to grow individually and as a member of the community. Love and respect yourself and stay true to your values even when that is challenging.

Contribute Uniquely
Discover the smart choices that work well for you. Add your distinct impact to the greater good and understand and appreciate that everyone else is special, unique and important too. Together we are unstoppable.

Treasure Heritage
Appreciate and absorb the values and wisdom of your heritage and embrace the heritage of others as a living history that plays a guiding role in your life everyday. We also incorporate long-time camp traditions like Oneg Shabbat celebrations, Maccabiah (color olympics) and spirit days!