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Island Quest offers an innovative approach to choice-based experiences that allows our campers to choose their “Quest” (area of focus) each week. Campers get to select from the list of options for their age group by the Thursday before each camp week.  As this is their summer, they have an option to stay in a quest they love for the entire summer or change to a different Quest each week.   Summer 2021 will introduce three core Quests – Seek, Compete, and Innovate, each encouraging campers to dream big, seek solutions, and discover their true self.

Our Quests

Innovate Program

Open your mind. There’s a world of creativity to conquer. Our Innovate program combines art with science to keep up with your imagination. Bring your ideas to life through the integration of creativity and technology. Gain the freedom and knowledge you need to truly innovate the world.

Use cardboard, wood, legos, repurposed materials, and whatever else you need to bring your ideas to life. Create an invention that solves a problem or just makes you laugh and smile. Share your vision through video production, build a boat out of cardboard or have fun with kitchen sink science where Innovate campers create delicious treats.

Sample Innovate Activities:

  • Makerspace (Include woodworking/Shop laser, fabric, cardboard and other materials)
  • Imagination Playground
  • ART-Botics, (coding recycled art and robotics)
  • 3D Art (mosaics, Jewelry making, clay)
  • Build It! (campers use items they find in nature or items given to them to build unique creations)
  • DigitalArts (Tell a story through movie making or stop-motion animation.)
  • Culinary Arts, Kitchen Sink Science
Kids woodworking

Compete Program

Discover the athlete within. Our Compete program tests your reflexes and competitive spirit, through clinics and leagues for popular team sports, while introducing you to exciting new games to master.

Take your game to the next level with guided, game-situational play and focused skill development. Our healthy approach helps campers, on every level, grow to be the best athletes they can, while having the best time. Sample sports from around the world and unlock new passions. Discover skills and techniques that will evolve how you play and feel everyday. Find life-long friends, while you and your teammates succeed on and off the court.

Sample Compete Activities:

  • Team Sports — Each sport offered will be run in a clinic format and allow campers to work on technique and learn strategies that improve their performance on and off the court/field. Sports offered include:
    Basketball | Lacrosse | Volleyball | Soccer | Baseball
  • Enrichment Electives include: speed and agility | flag football | gaga | golf | euro-handball | fitness | pickle ball and more.
Boys playing basketball

Seek Program

Immerse yourself in nature, take on new and exciting challenges, explore all you are capable of and discover adventure, all in our Seek program.
Learn to utilize resources wisely. Travel off-site to test your newly honed skills in the real world. Grow an understanding of the environment and the importance of protecting it for the future. Collaborate with fellow campers along your journey. Whether you are building a shelter, cooking over an open fire with friends, or navigating an obstacle course, you’ll learn about yourself and the world around you.

Sample Seek Activities:

  • Ninja Warrior Course & Skills
  • Animal Exploration
  • Rock Wall/Climbing
  • Archery
  • Nature Crafts and woodworking
  • Gardening
  • Outdoor Cooking
  • Wilderness Obstacle Course
  • Low Ropes and Zipline
  • Trips to Adventure Park
A boy on a ropes course