Meet the L4L Team



Fatema Khuda
Ladders for Leaders Program Director
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Fatema began her journey in the nonprofit sector as a former Ladders for Leaders participant. Throughout the years she has taken on numerous roles in cultural organizations and has years of experience in informal education. She has a passion for youth development and program management and has demonstrated that during her time as a workshop facilitator at Ladders for Leaders and as a museum educator and program assistant at various museums across New York City. In her current role as the Ladders for Leaders Program Director, Fatema continues to uphold and further the mission of Ladders for Leaders. In her free time, Fatema enjoys watching anime and playing video games.

Alexis Shapiro
Ladders for Leaders Program Coordinator
[email protected]

Alexis Shapiro gained a passion for working with non-profits throughout her time as a student at Binghamton University. She has been working with students for as long as she can remember from teaching at schools to working at summer camps. Her desire to make a positive impact on the community around her has led her to the Ladders for Leaders program at Commonpoint Queens.  After she earned her MBA from Binghamton University, she moved to New York City and has since been spending her free time exploring, reading fiction, and watching movies.

Terri Prezioterri prezio ladders
Corporate Development Manager, Ladders for Leaders
[email protected]
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Terri Prezio has been working in the non for profit world for about 6 years. After decades of selling products and services in Manhattan, Terri felt it was time to move on from the “corporate” world, and spend time giving back to people. Terri has worked successfully for six seasons now with the Ladders for Leaders team. She has been able to bring many of her contacts from her corporate world into our Ladders portfolio. Corporate development is her specialty! When Terri isn’t working, you can find her home safe with her lovely husband Tom, sweet son Michael, and her precious dog Bella. Terri loves reading, specifically Historical Fiction.   

Albina Baazov albina baazov ladders
Senior Director, Youth Employment Program [email protected]
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Albina started as a program assistant for the L4L program in 2015 and worked her way up to program director from 2018 to 2021. In her current role as the Senior Director of Youth Employment Programs, Albina oversees several youth employment initiative programs including Ladders for Leaders and Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP). She supports department wide initiatives and contributes to the growth and development of the larger division and overall agency initiatives. As an LMSW, she worked in a mental health clinic and enjoyed working with all populations but had a special interest in youth development. This role allows her to continue working with today’s youth and assisting with career exploration and development. Her motto is “Intern with Impact” and she is of the belief that one of the biggest advantages of the program is that it allows one to step out and possibly explore other industries. When she is not working, you can find her watching mind numbing TV.