Partner with the Youth Opportunity Hub

Young people told us what they need…

Academic Support, College Access Services, Volunteer & Leadership Programming, Mentorship Opportunities, Culinary Arts Programming, Creative Arts, Coding/STEM & Digital Media, Physical Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness, Employment Training & Credentialing Classes

Our goal is simple but ambitious: To build a state-of the-art facility to support and feed the mind, body, and soul of our future, our young people.


How Can You Support the Program?

  • Donate funds to support program costs
  • Volunteer with/mentor our youth



  • Working with a local 501 (c) nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing the socio-economic needs of our local communities through education and employment.
  • Participate in the training and development of future employees by providing industry specific insight and feedback on candidate referrals and certification programs.
  • Inspire and mentor future talent by serving as a guest lecturer, participating in a panel discussion or information session
  • Community Impact. Services and resources will be offered to the whole community, with many led by the youth we serve. Young people don’t heal in isolation and we know that true healing is multi-generational. What happens at the Opportunity Hub will be determined and driven by the youth who use it


We are very grateful to all of our supporters and hope to welcome you to our family.

Want to learn more? View our frequently asked questions.


Interested in learning more about what a partnership with the Youth Opportunity Hub looks like? Contact Judy at [email protected].