Fitness Center in Forest Hills

Our objective is to provide enriching activities to help you reach health and fitness goals, and to give you the opportunity to sustain a lifetime of physical activity.

Click here for a copy of the current group exercise class schedule.

Click here for the current schedule for our indoor pool and body shop.

We now offer FREE classes for members, designed to inspire, motivate and challenge!

Zumba, Total Conditioning and Cardio Combo are just some of the classes we have added to meet your fitness deeds, along with a brand new fitness studio!

In addition to these free classes we will continue to offer fee-based specialty classes, such as our highly acclaimed Pilates and Creative Dance Power Movement.

Our objective has always been to provide enriching activities that will guide you in reaching your health and fitness goals, for families to have active and productive time together, and to give you the opportunity to learn new skills and create positive experiences to help sustain a lifetime of physical activity. Our professional staff is comprised of dedicated people from various specialties who are committed to providing the best possible experience for our participants.

Work with a Personal Trainer

Do you want great results? Through our customized fitness training program, our staff will provide a challenging workout and systematic approach to exercise for those who want to achieve specific results or who require localized exercise. Let our highly qualified staff help you achieve your goals. Subject to any and all requirements and time limits as stated on the personal training registration form.

1 Session: $65 members / $75 non-members
5 Sessions: $285 members / $300 non-members
10 Sessions: $550 members / $570 non-members

1 Session: $42 members / $47 non-members
5 Sessions: $190 members / $215 non-members
10 Sessions: 360 members / 380 non-members

Get help with:

  • Vertebral Spinal Disfunctions, Post Rehabilitation
  • Knee and Shoulder, Post Rehabilitation
  • Weight Management
  • Core Stabilization
  • Osteopathic Muscular Joints Stabilization
  • Strengthening and Conditioning
  • Fitness for Children and Teens

Personal Training for Two

You and a friend with similar goals work with one Personal Trainer, together. Not only will working with a friend keep you motivated and committed, but the price listed is for two people who split the cost.

Pilates Personal Training

Acute attention to individual ability allows each client to grow within his/her own potential regardless of current fitness level. For information or to make an appointment, ext. 500.