Juniors Tennis at the Commonpoint Queens Tennis and Athletic Center

The Commonpoint Queens Tennis and Athletic Center at Alley Pond Park offers juniors tennis classes for children ages 6-13+.

Join us for a Free Tennis Evaluation Friday, November 25! 

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We are excited to announce the opening of our Juniors Tennis classes beginning Monday, November 7 through Friday, December 23, 2022! Our dynamic instructors will guide your child to reach their full potential through engaging and age-appropriate tennis curriculum. Please register here space is limited!!

New players with prior tennis experience are required to register for an evaluation before registering for a class. Registration for the winter session will begin December 12. Join us for a free evaluation Friday, November 25 to be evaluated for the winter session beginning January 2. Email [email protected] for more information.

The Commonpoint Queens Tennis and Athletic Center is located at Alley Pond Park at 79-20 Winchester Boulevard, Queens Village, NY 11427.

Please register through our online system here:

There will be no classes Thursday, November 24. Rates are as follows:

6 Weeks, 1 Hour Class: $210
6 Weeks, 1.5 Hour Class: $330
7 Weeks, 1 Hour Class: $245
7 Weeks, 1.5 Hour Class: $385

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Junior Tennis Programs

Junior Flyers

Please register through our online system here:

Class Descriptions

Red 1 – Introducing tennis and start of a tennis pathway.  Enhancing motor skills, balance and hand eye coordination.  They are taught all the basic strokes in a fun and safe environment.

Red 2 – Continuation of coordination, agility and balance.  Kids in this class has to maintain 5 shot rally with a serve (maybe start with underhand serve or trophy position serve).  Here they will be taught different match formats and score keeping.  Score keeping is 2 out of 3 7point tiebreaks

Orange 1 – Beginner entry level.  Basic strokes, scoring formats, proper grips emphasized and manage to hold a rally within service box.  Goal is to get the players to be able to hit from the 60’ line

Orange 2 – Advancement from orange ball 1.  Players should be able to hold a consistent rally of6 or more and be able to start with a full motion serve.  Players need to compete in match play and know the rules of the game.  Pathway here is to be able to compete orange ball tournament. 2 out of 3, 4 game format with no ad scoring should be emphasized with the 3rd set playing 7-point tiebreaker

Green 1 – 24”-27” racquets (depending on size of student).  Students are taught full court tennis with understanding rules of tennis, score keeping and learning to compete.  Proper grips, footwork and spin is emphasized. 

Green 2 – 24-27” racquets (depending on size of students).  Students should be able to compete in match play in this level.  Many drills/point play will be based on tactics and understanding of competition.  Proper grips, footwork and spin should be set in place in this group

Yellowball 1– This is an introductory program that will educate the players on the rules of tennis and important key points in developing/sustaining a rally.

Yellowball 2– focus on footwork, proper grips, emphasize spin and point development helping them compete for matchplay.  Class is geared for HS students or students wanting to start playing tournaments

Friday Match Play – This is an opportunity to have a tournament type setting, where players will be playing matches against different players each week.  A coach will be walking around making pointers to help players understand strategy and mental toughness.



For more information, contact [email protected].