North Flushing Senior Center

Commonpoint Queens' Senior programming aims to offer fresh and engaging programs. We offer social, recreational and educational activities, carefully designed for the needs of older adults.

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The North Flushing Senior Center has been a staple for older adult programming in Queens for over three decades, prioritizing socialization and healthy living with programs like aerobics, card games, lunch, arts and so much more!

Programming includes:

  • Arts & Culture – arts & crafts 学手工美术, karaoke卡拉OK大家唱, music
  • Education/Recreation – bingo 宾果游戏, movies 周五电影, knitting & crocheting  编织和钩针
  • Health & Wellness – aerobics 有氧运动, chair yoga椅上瑜伽, tai chi太极, wai tan kung外丹功, blood pressure monitoring 血压测量, Broadway stretch 百老汇音乐健身操, line dancing 广场舞, senior fitness 银发有氧锻炼
  • Social Support & Discussion Groups – let’s talk discussion group, sharing life experiences discussion group/sing along
  • Technology – smart phone workshop in English and Chinese 中文智能手机


Contact Susan Xiong at [email protected] or 718-358-9193 for more information.

You can also get more information about our Senior Center programs in Forest Hills and Little Neck!