Resettlement and Integration Services

Commonpoint Queens became the New York City-area resettlement affiliate of HIAS in October 2022 and created Resettlement and Integration Services to provide a broad range of services to refugees.


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The urgency is greater now more than ever: the number of displaced people is the highest it’s ever been, and here in New York we are receiving more and more families forced to flee the war in Ukraine, along with conflicts and persecution in numerous other countries around the world. Many of these families arrive lacking essential items like winter clothing, food, and home goods. Our Wishlist allows you to purchase these winter clothes and home goods for our clients directly, along with Visa gift cards, which make a HUGE difference in helping families cover grocery costs in the weeks between their arrival and their approval for public food assistance. Thank you so much for supporting our refugee clients at Commonpoint Queens. Without YOU and your tremendous generosity and support, we could not do the vital work we do for refugees.*

Who We Are

Commonpoint Queens became the New York City-area resettlement affiliate of HIAS in October 2022 and created a Resettlement and Integration Services Department to provide a broad range of services to refugees and other humanitarian migrants. You can read more about this in our press release!

Building on HIAS’ over 135 years of experience and expertise in welcoming newcomers, Commonpoint Queens provides initial resettlement, case management, social adjustment, ENL classes and tutoring, employment counseling, job placement, career and other vocational training services to refugees, asylees, and Special Immigrant Visa holders (SIVs: click here more information) in New York City, Westchester County and Long Island.

Our dedicated staff are experienced professionals in the field of resettlement and represent the diversity of the communities we serve, with language proficiency in  Dari, Farsi, Pashto, Spanish, Arabic, Ukrainian and Russian. Several members of our staff are former refugees and asylees, and know firsthand the challenges faced by our clients today in adjusting to life in a new country.

As an affiliate of the sole Jewish refugee resettlement agency, Commonpoint Queens is proud to implement HIAS’ mission of welcoming the stranger and protecting the refugee regardless of race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or gender identity.

What We Do

Commonpoint Queens provides direct services to refugees, asylees, SIVs and other humanitarian migrants, with the goals of successful integration into the community and facilitating self-sufficiency. Learn more on HIAS’ Resettlement page.

Commonpoint Queens currently operates a number of federal and state programs, funded by the U.S. Department of State, the Office of Refugee Resettlement, the State of New York, and through private support.


Initial Resettlement

Reception and Placement Program (R&P)

Commonpoint Queens, in cooperation with the U.S Department of State’s Refugee Admissions Program, offers eligible refugees and SIVs assistance through the Reception and Placement Program (R&P). Each refugee admitted to the United States is placed with a non-profit national resettlement agency, such as HIAS Inc., which then assigns refugees to local resettlement affiliates like Commonpoint Queens for comprehensive pre-arrival and post-arrival services. This includes facilitating appropriate housing, furnishings, food and seasonal clothing upon arrival, airport pick up, assistance with urgent medical and other needs, enrollment in English language and employment programs (for adults), and enrollment in public school (for children), applying for Social Security cards and public benefits programs, providing cultural orientation, facilitating a refugee health screening, and more. The R&P period lasts between 30 to 90 days after arrival.

PC Ukrainian Initial Services

The Preferred Communities (PC) Ukrainian Initial Services program, funded by the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), provides initial resettlement services for Ukrainian Humanitarian Parolees (UHPs) who arrived in the United States after February 24, 2022. Working in collaboration with UHPs’ sponsors, Commonpoint Queens provides case management services to ensure clients access public benefits, refugee health screening, assistance with Employment Authorization Document and Social Security Card applications, referral to employment services or English language support, school enrollment (for minors) and other immigration services. The service period last 90 days from date of enrollment.

To inquire about services for Ukrainian humanitarian parolees, please email [email protected] or call 718-225-6750 ext. 129. Ukrainian humanitarian parolees looking for services can facilitate their eligibility assessment by completing this online screening form.

Social Integration

Preferred Communities (PC)

The Preferred Communities (PC) program, funded by the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), provides intensive case management services for particularly vulnerable populations, including those with chronic physical health conditions or mental health needs, single parents, young adults living without family, LGBTQI+ individuals, and others. ORR-eligible populations* can receive one year of services through PC, and can be enrolled in the program at any time during their first five years in the U.S (or since their grant of asylum).


The New York State Enhanced Services to Refugees Program (NYSESRP) is focused on case management services to refugees, Special Immigrant Visa holders, Afghan humanitarian parolees and asylees. Through NYSESRP, Commonpoint Queens provides case management and employment services, such as referrals to English language classes or tutoring, assistance with health and medical services, post-employment services and more. This works to assist eligible individuals and families in attaining economic and social self-sufficiency.


The Refugee Health Promotion (RHP) program is designed to promote the health, literacy and overall well-being of refugees through funds provided by the Office of Refugee Resettlement to states; Commonpoint Queens receives RHP funding from the State of New York. Through the RHP program, Commonpoint Queens supports refugees by providing opportunities to increase health literacy as well as access to healthcare and emotional wellness services. To accomplish this, Commonpoint Queens organizes workshops on topics such as childhood development, women’s reproductive health, COVID-19 and other topics. On an individual basis, Commonpoint Queens assists refugees in coordinating their health care services and ensuring continuity of care. This program ensures all refugees have adequate knowledge of and access to allowable health services.

Economic Inclusion

Matching Grant (MG)

The Matching Grant (MG) program, funded by the Office of Refugee Resettlement, is an 8-month program that functions as an alternative to public cash assistance by providing individualized and specialized employment services to ORR-eligible populations* upon their arrival to the United States or grant of asylum or other qualifying status. With an emphasis on rapid employment and attaining economic self-sufficiency within the first 180 days in the program, Commonpoint Queens provides case management services to ensure basic necessities such as access to housing, food, medicine and transportation are all met in preparation for full time employment.

Refugee Social Services Program (RSSP)

As a sub-grantee of its long-term partner, Shorefront Y, Commonpoint Queens assists refugees and their families in achieving economic and social self-sufficiency through the Refugee Social Services Program (RSSP). Commonpoint Queens focuses on employment preparation and job placement services and provides additional case management, interpretation/translation, career mentorship and other support to ORR-eligible population* program participants. The RSSP program is funded through the State of New York by the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR).


Legal Protection

Working in close collaboration with HIAS’ legal and pro-bono teams in New York, Commonpoint Queens staff facilitate adjustment of status and naturalization applications for its current and former clients.  Commonpoint Queens also partners with NYLAG (New York Legal Assistance Group) to provide free legal counseling to community members and clients.

*ORR-eligible populations include refugees, asylees, Afghan & Iraqi SIVs, Afghan & Ukrainian humanitarian parolees, Cuban & Haitian entrants, Amerasians, and Victims of Human Trafficking.

Partnerships & Volunteer Services

The Partnerships & Volunteer Services (PVS) program is a holistic method of providing extended services to clients, complementing Commonpoint Queens’ refugee resettlement programs. PVS provides community sponsorship, English tutoring, career mentorship, interpretation and translation, as well as builds partnerships to enhance services and promote refugee integration. Click here to learn more and get involved. Our partnerships (with individuals, faith-based organizations, community-based organizations and corporate partners) serve to support clients through volunteer matching as well as in-kind donations in the form of electronics, clothing, housing necessities, and more.

Get Involved

Our volunteers are invaluable in helping to welcome recent arrivals as they begin their lives as New Americans. Your expertise, interests, and commitment can help refugees build a new life, achieve their goals, and feel at home in their new community. Commonpoint Queens offers many ways for community members to get involved. We have opportunities to fit your individual availability. Find out more about volunteer opportunities in your area here.

Lautenberg Family Reunification Applications

The Lautenberg program allows members of certain religious minorities in the countries of the former Soviet Union (FSU) and in Iran to apply for refugee status in the United States. The Lautenberg program was reauthorized on January 30, 2023. For an eligibility screening and to inquire about submitting an application for a family member from the former Soviet Union, please email [email protected].  To inquire about submitting an application for an Iranian, please email [email protected].

Commonpoint Queens provides Lautenberg application services to residents of New York City, Long Island, Westchester County and Rockland County.

DEADLINE: All Lautenberg application materials are due on September 1, 2023. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact Commonpoint Queens as soon as possible to ensure applications are submitted prior to the deadline.


Applicants from the former Soviet Union must have a close family member in the United States in permanent immigration status to qualify. Close relatives of qualified applicants will be able to initiate their refugee applications by filing an Affidavit of Relationship (AOR) through a local resettlement agency.


Applicants in Iran must have friends or relatives in the United States in permanent immigration status. Relatives or friends of eligible applicants will be able to initiate refugee applications on their behalf by submitting Refugee Information Forms (RIFs).

More information on the Lautenberg Amendment can be found here.

Заяви на возз’єднання сімей за програмою Лаутенберг

Програма Лаутенберг дозволяє представникам певних релігійних меншин з країн колишнього Радянського Союзу (КРС) та Ірану подавати заяви на отримання статусу біженця в США. Програма Лаутенберг була повторно авторизована 30 січня 2023 року. Для того, щоб перевірити відповідність вимогам для участі та здійснити запит про подання заяви на члена сім’ї з колишнього Радянського Союзу, прошу надсилати повідомлення на електронну адресу [email protected].

Commonpoint Queens надає послуги застосування Lautenberg жителям Нью-Йорка, Лонг-Айленда, Вестчестер і Рокленд.

УВАГА: Усі матеріали для заявки Лаутенберга мають бути подані до 1 вересня 2023 року. Зацікавленим заявникам пропонується зв’язатися з Commonpoint Queens, щоб переконатися що заявки подано до кінцевого терміну.

Країни КРС

Заявники з країн колишнього Радянського Союзу для участі в програмі повинні мати близьких родичів, які мають постійний імміграційний статус у Сполучених Штатах. Близькі родичі кваліфікованих заявників можуть почати процес подання заяв про надання статусу біженця шляхом заповнення форми Підтвердження родинних зв’язків (Affidavit of Relationship (AOR) за допомогою місцевої агенції з переселення.

Більше інформації про поправку Лаутенберга можна знайти тут.

Заявления на объединение семей по программе Лаутенберга

Программа Лаутенберга позволяет членам определенных религиозных меньшинств в странах бывшего Советского Союза (БСС) и в Иране подавать заявление на получение статуса беженца в Соединенных Штатах. Программа Lautenberg была повторно авторизована 30 января 2023 года. Чтобы проверить соответствие требованиям и узнать о подаче заявления для члена семьи из бывшего Советского Союза, пожалуйста, напишите [email protected].

Commonpoint Queens предоставляет услуги по оформлению заявлений по программе Lautenberg жителям Нью-Йорка, Лонг-Айленда, округа Вестчестер и округа Рокленд.

ВНИМАНИЕ: Все материалы для заявки Лаутенберга должны быть поданы до 1 сентября 2023 года. Заинтересованным заявителям предлагается связаться с Цоммонпоінт Qуеенс, чтобы убедиться, что заявки поданы вовремя

Страны БСС

Заявители из стран бывшего Советского Союза для участии в программе должны иметь близких родственников с постоянным иммиграционным статусом в Соединенных Штатах. Близкие родственники квалифицированных заявителей могут начать процесс подачи заявлений о предоставлении статуса беженца, подав Аффидевит о родстве (АОР) через местное агентство по переселению.

Более подробную информацию о поправке Лаутенберга можно найти здесь.

لاوتنبرگ تمدید شد

ایران (RIF)

درخواست دهندگان در ایران باید دوستان یا اقوام در ایالات متحده در وضعیت مهاجرت دائمی داشته باشند. دوستان متقاضیان واجد شرایط می توانند با ارسال فرم های اطلاعات پناهندگان (RIF) درخواست پناهندگی را از طرف خود آغاز کنند.

اطلاعات بیشتر در مورد اصلاحیه لاتنبرگ را می توانید در اینجا بیابید:  can be found here.

برای معلومات و درخواست به [email protected] ایمل بفرستید

مهلت ارسال درخواستی: تمام درخواست های کیس لاتنبرگ الی ۱ سپتمبر سال ۲۰۲۳ قابل پذیرش میباشد. از متقاضیان درخواست میگردد تا در اسرع وقت با دفتر کامن پاینت کوینس Commonpoint Queens بمنظور تاییدی دریافت درخواست ها قبل از تاریخ مذکور به تماس شوند.

To contact Commonpoint Queens’ Resettlement & Integration Services, please email us at [email protected], or call 718-268-5057.