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Below is our weekly scheduled exercise classes for the week of June 22nd.
Updated on Wednesday, June 24th.*
New for this week we have added Senior Stretch with Gail on Thursdays at 1:00pm, and we have moved Silver Sneakers Senior Circuit from Friday Mornings to Monday Afternoons at 1:00 pm.

Please click here for a mobile-friendly schedule layout.

NEW! Click here for information on virtual summer dance classes.

If you are you participating in our exercise classes we encourage you to join Commonpoint Queens in the JCCA of North America 100 Days of Summer Fitness Challenge! Get more information and log your workouts by clicking here.

Community Happens…at Home!

As our communities seek to lower the impact of the Coronavirus, we wanted to be able to provide you with age-appropriate resources so that education and engagement can continue outside of our community-centers!

We’re excited to feature story time, exercises and activities with all of your favorite teachers, instructors and experts. Please see below for more materials, and enjoy reading with us, shaking it out with us, and continuing to be a part of our community from the comfort of your home!

Here you can see all of the videos we have posted so far.

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Updated Wednesday, June 24th

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