Swim Class Policies

Parents may view the first and the last session of the semester only. Once your child’s class begins, please leave the pool area. This creates a much better learning environment. Onlookers create a distraction for your child as well as the instructors. We strive to minimize the distraction so your child is able to focus and learn more efficiently. This policy does not apply to those classes where parents are in the water with their child. Please do not allow your child to enter the pool area until it is time for class to begin and there is an instructor in the water. Each participant is allowed only one make-up per semester. A make-up class will be available upon request only and it must be completed before the end of the semester. If you are unable to make up the class for reasons beyond our control, we will not be held responsible. Make-ups will not be carried forward into a new semester. If after payment you are absent or unable to participate due to extreme circumstances a doctor’s note is required upon return.

General Guidelines

For the parents of children taking lessons:
All parents are required to take off their shoes when bringing their children onto the pool deck. The children are barefoot and we strive to keep the pool deck clean and sanitary.

  • Enter and exit the pool from the locker rooms ONLY.
  • Children 5 years and up should use gender appropriate locker rooms. If you are not comfortable sending your child into the locker room alone, please change them in the bathroom on the Pool deck.
  • Every child over five years of age must wear a swimming cap. Hair should be kept out of the child’s face.
  • There is no eating in the pool area. Do not allow your child to chew gum in the pool, as it is a chocking hazard.
  • If your child has a fever or contagious disease, please do not bring them to class.
  • Children should use the restroom BEFORE class.

As they do in every area of development, children progress at their own rate. Please do not compare your child’s progress with that of other children. The length of time it takes a child to learn to swim varies. It greatly depends on age, level of maturity and fitness. A child is not likely to learn to swim in one session. Students are constantly being evaluated to determine proper group placement and may be moved at any time during the session. We do our best to maintain instructor consistency for our swimmers; however, extenuating circumstances may make it necessary for an instructor to be changed during the session. We will do everything possible to make the transition smooth. We cannot guarantee that your child will always have the same instructor from session to session. Thank you for your cooperation and have a great season.

Class Refund Policy

  • After first class is held, 90% refund, less $20 administrative fee.
  • After second class is held, 50% refund of remaining unused portion of payment, less $20 administrative fee.
  • $20 insurance fee is non-refundable