TCS Marathon 2019: Eric Lastres

Eric Lastres – Click Here to Donate

Why I’m running for Commonpoint Queens?
I will be running the NYC Marathon on November 3rd, raising money in memory of my mother, Deborah Lastres who died of Leukemia in 2002. I will be matching 100% of the donations and all donated money will go directly to Commonpoint Queens in Queens, NY.  Our family has spent our entire lives at Commonpoint and I couldn’t imagine a better place my mother would have liked to see the funds used for.  I will be directing how the money will be used depending on how much is raised. Potential to have a classroom or playground named in memory of Debbie, or maybe we will help fund programs that feed the homeless or provide help to underprivileged kids. I will keep everyone in loop once we see how much is raised. Please join me in helping our community by making a donation in memory of my mother, Deborah Lastres.

Commonpoint Queens is a social services organization that meets the diverse and evolving needs in our borough—a place where people of all ages and backgrounds come together to find support, access opportunities, and build connections to community throughout their lives.

Guided by the Jewish values of service and justice, we were founded to support our local Jewish community, which we continue to do today. As the demographics have evolved over six decades, we have extended our reach in the community across 52 sites in Queens, including the Sam Field Center and Central Queens, where many of our programs are based.

You can come to Commonpoint Queens for early childhood programs, summer camp, senior services, mental health resources, support during crisis, wellness, and everything in between. Here, you will not only find programs that meet your individual needs, but you will be investing in a community that supports people across the entire borough. You make us who we are—and always will. Visit to be a part of our community.

Note: All donations go directly to Commonpoint Queens, and again I will be matching 100% of the donations.

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