Youth Opportunity Hub Frequently Asked Questions

Commonpoint Queens Youth Opportunity Hub – Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Commonpoint Queens?

Commonpoint Queens is dedicated to sustaining and enhancing the quality of individual, family, and communal life throughout Queens, through services to people of all ages, ability levels, stages of life, and backgrounds.

Commonpoint Queens represents the merger of two major community service agencies in Queens: the Samuel Field YM & YWHA, in Little Neck, founded 1954, and the Central Queens YM & YWHA, which has provided services in Forest Hills since 1973. We provide programs and services to more than 50,000 people each year from Astoria to Little Neck through public and private partnerships in our 4 flagship and 50+ collocated sites. 

Throughout a single lifetime, we go through moments of crisis, times of stability, and stages of growth. We need systems of support to navigate these different phases in life, and it’s rare to find support for all of those phases in one place. Commonpoint Queens is the place for support during crisis, wellness, and everything in between.

Why a Youth Opportunity Hub?

The foundations of entrepreneurial thinking in adolescents and young adults are key drivers in developing responsibility, integrity, intellectual curiosity, passion, judgment, and focus, as well as fostering innovation and economic growth. Our new Opportunity Hub will feature a wide menu of services designed to eliminate barriers to success. Service areas include but are not limited to Tech, STEM, Culinary Arts, Fitness, Creative Arts, AlliedHealth, and Music.

Who is Eligible?

Individuals of all ages will receive employment counseling and job placement services, help with benefits assessment and enrollment, access to the food pantry, free legal assistance, mental health support, and health & wellness programs. 

What is the process?

The Youth Opportunity Hub will be focused on learning and developing interests, featuring a customized service menu designed to eliminate any barriers to success. Each member of our Hub will receive an Individual Service Strategy, that connects them to the particular range of services and supports needed to succeed. Each of our services will lead to track-based experiences, rooted in entrepreneurship and strategic thinking. Research shows that the foundations of entrepreneurship are key drivers of innovation and economic growth. Recent studies show that the skills developed in entrepreneurship education and training help to launch more prepared and confident young adults into the workforce. Our tracks will help youth translate their interests into marketable skills. Tracks will include Tech, STEM, Culinary Arts, Fitness, Creative Arts, Medical and Music. For a list of trackers and programs, click HERE.