Older Adult Services

Commonpoint Queens offers three older adult centers, three Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORCs), exercise classes for older adults, and dementia care programs and support groups, all carefully designed for the needs of older adults ages 60 and older. Programs are offered both virtually and in person.

Commonpoint Queens Older Adult Services are supported by the NYC Department for the Aging (DFTA).

Group of six individuals posing for a photo, some wearing pink gloves, in a room with a large screen on the wall, during an elderly support services event.

Neighborhood Older Adult Centers

A place to meet old friends and make new connections, take a class, learn new skills, join an exercise class, or just have lunch. Programs are offered in person and virtually and are open to all people over the age of 60. We offer a full range of social, recreational and educational activities that have been carefully designed to address the specific needs of older adults.

Contact Shelly Channan at schannan@commonpointqueens.org or (718) 268-5011 ext. 421 for more information.

Contact Wendy Lepper at wlepper@commonpointqueens.org or call (718) 225-6750 ext. 236 for more information

Contact Elise Lev at elev@commonpointqueens.org or (718) 423-6111 ext. 223 for more information

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Dementia Care Programs

Social Adult Day Care Family Respite Program:
Adult day care for older adults with Alzheimer’s disease or related memory disorders.

Contact Jamie at (718) 225-6750 ext. 221 or jcooperman@commonpointqueens.org

Early Stage Dementia Care Program:
Twice weekly support program to assist people with newly diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and other memory disorders, and who are aware of their memory loss.

Contact Alissa at (718) 225-6750 ext. 331 or apizzutiello@commonpointqueens.org

Caregiver Support Groups are also available.

Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORCs)

NORC Supportive Service Programs are designed to serve communities where a majority of residents have “aged in place,” helping older adults remain safely in their own homes as long as possible.

For older adults in the Clearview Gardens Cooperative in Whitestone

Contact (718) 352-4157 or capnorc@commonpointqueens.org for more information.

For older adults in the Deepdale Gardens Cooperative in Little Neck

Contact (718) 225-3929 or DDCNORC@commonpointqueens.org for more information.

For older adults living in one and two family homes within the boundaries of Glen Oaks Village & 76th Ave on the North, 86th Ave on the South, Cross Island Pkwy on the West and Langdale Ave on the East

Contact (718) 225-6750 ext. 540 or avalente@commonpointqueens.org more information.

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Health and Wellness

Our health, wellness and recreation staff is dedicated to developing individualized plans of health maintenance and wellness activities for our older adults. Free group exercise classes offered include Balance, Aerobics, Tai Chi, Dance Fitness, and more

For more information, contact
Wendy Lepper at wlepper@commonpointqueens.org or call (718) 225-6750 ext. 236,
Ellen Shajnfeld at eshajnfeld@commonpointqueens.org or (718) 268-5011 ext. 160,
or Elise Lev at elev@commonpointqueens.org or (718) 423-6111 ext. 223.

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Holocaust Survivor Initiative

Are you or a member of your family a Holocaust survivor? 

Our Resilience Program’s Holocaust Survivor Initiative is here to help with the following services:

  • Personal Concierge Services for Survivors
  • Café Europa Social Programs
  • Referrals to Community Services
  • Assistance with Reparations
  • Home Deliveries from Our Kosher Food Pantry
  • Assistance with Advance Care Planning
  • Emergency Financial Assistance for those who qualify
  • Supportive Counseling Services – Individual and Family Therapy

For additional information, contact us at (718) 225-6750 x211 or email resilience@commonpointqueens.org.