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Being able to help others has given me purpose

I worked in IT for a financial services company prior to the pandemic but was laid off. Without a college degree, I was unable to find work. When the pandemic hit, I continued experiencing some traumatic times, one of which was my girlfriend passing away. Ana from Central Queens told me to come volunteer at the Forest Hills food pantry. When I was a child, I attended day camp at Commonpoint Queens. When Ana introduced me to volunteering at the food pantry, I thought it was a good idea and would give me something good to do so that I wasn’t just alone with my thoughts, and could keep my sanity.

I started volunteering every day in the Forest Hills food pantry and have been coming back every day since the pandemic began. It has been a lifesaver for me to be around other volunteers and clients at the food pantry. Helping others who are hungry and need food has given me purpose and a reason to get up in the morning. Most importantly, Commonpoint Queens has helped me through some very traumatic times. They have been a family for me, and I love everyone at the pantry. I have learned so many valuable skills, and I know I am needed at the food pantry. I am an asset because I’m able to translate for our Spanish-speaking clients, and it feels good to know I am helping hungry people.”    – Leo


COMMONPOINT QUEENS is dedicated to sustaining and enhancing the quality of individual, family and communal life throughout Queens County and surrounding areas, by providing services to people of all ages, ability levels, stages of life and backgrounds.


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