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Bess – Lives, Transformed

bess friedman norc

“Never did I ever dream when I bought an apartment in Deepdale Gardens 45 years ago that it would be the perfect residence for senior living. I was young and focused on my family and career. It wasn’t until I retired that I fully realized how lucky I was to live in a community that offered such sensational senior support services (with no fees!) under the direction of Commonpoint Queens.

My experience with Deepdale CARES NORC began with the bridge class, the movie group, and health lectures. The nurse monitored my blood pressure and the nutritionist got me on a healthy track. Now feeling more physically fit I decided to try one exercise group. As my stamina, balance, and strength improved I was encouraged to join other exercise classes. Today, my doctors call me their poster child and I attribute all of my improvement to the wonderful services provided by Deepdale by way of Commonpoint Queens.

And I am not alone. Everyone who enters is warmly welcomed and friendships bloom as the varied programs meet the social, emotional, and physical needs of so many older adult residents. No senior has to ever feel alone or socially isolated with Deepdale CARES NORC.

In our current situation, remaining socially connected has become even more challenging and critical as the COVID-19 pandemic persists. Although the physical offices have closed, Commonpoint Queens programs and services have not! The Program Director Victoria Margolies, LCSW, Social Worker Amanda Peritore, LMSW, and Program Assistant Mindy Baron are my superheroes! To ensure our basic needs were met and to protect the most vulnerable, they immediately arranged for Kosher meals to be delivered to our homes from Commonpoint Queens. This devoted crew kept us informed and connected with printed calendars that listed their phone numbers and other important services available. Miraculously, programs continued virtually over the phone and computer. While safely in quarantine older adults can continue to participate in exercise classes, creative arts, nutrition lectures, health presentations, sing-a-longs, current event discussions, book clubs, virtual field trips and so many other valuable programs.

As our country continues to battle this pandemic the support from Commonpoint Queens and associated programs have become even more indispensable. Therefore, it is with much appreciation and deep respect that I want to thank your dedicated staff and organization for keeping us safe and sane.”

year end appeal


Commonpoint Queens is home for people of every race and ethnicity, from infancy to old age, from religiously observant to secular, from every corner of the political spectrum.

In mid-March, our buildings closed and we lost one-third of our revenue overnight. We sat in the eye of the storm as Queens experienced the highest rates of infection and death from COVID-19. Even with that, there was not a single-day of program interruption.

Until every person who needs our help is served, we will not rest.

From finding a job to getting your high school equivalency diploma, from food assistance to mental health services, from emergency childcare to help to pay rent or for a funeral for a loved one, Commonpoint Queens is a beacon of hope for our stricken community. We are here to support you.

We are committed to never turning away anyone who comes through our doors, but that requires money.

Do you swim in our pools? Send your children to camp? Pass by our buildings and see the lines for the food pantry? Perhaps you never entered one of our 56 locations but the thought of even one child going hungry is too much. Or, that a senior may be alone and unable to care for themselves worries you.

We are asking you, please help. Your tax-deductible donation and commitment to meeting the critical needs of our community is key to our existence. Without you, we do not survive.

On behalf of our clients, staff, and the entire Board, thank you. It is because of you that our most vulnerable will have access to the essential resources they need.

Wishing you health and happiness in the New Year.

Lawrence Gottlieb, Chair, Board of Directors

Danielle Ellman, CEO Commonpoint Queens

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