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Commonpoint Queens Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Commonpoint Queens is proud to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month September 15 – October 15! All month long we asked staff to recommend their favorite recipes, artists, musicians, movies, books, and businesses, as well as nominate staff members. We hope you enjoy the responses and we encourage you to support Latino/Hispanic owned businesses and culture, especially in our diverse Queens community, all year long!

Commonpoint Queens Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month is an initiative of the Commonpoint Queens ADEI Taskforce and Cultural Arts department.


Favorite Businesses:

Birria Landia (Jackson Heights) – “The best Birria tacos in NYC!” – Nadia Bilodeau

Raices Colombianas (Jackson Heights) – “Raices is a Colombian restaurant that has all the typical plates a this country in a very gourmet style.” – Valentina Lopez

Angela’s Bakery (Bushwick) – “My family has been getting cakes/pastries from them since I could remember. We’ve moved from Brooklyn 10 years ago now and still commute from Nassau County to Bushwick for each and every Birthday/Event.” – Kiaralis Abreu

Ity Dulcet Cakes (Brooklyn) – “My godmother is Baker and has her own business. She makes cakes, pastries and is so talented!” – Adria Nichols

Al Ritmo del Autismo – Our very own Yeins runs an Instagram account and business spreading awareness and sharing knowledge about autism for Spanish-speaking families!


Favorite Books:

My Broken Language: A Memoir by Quiara Alegría Hudes

El Cuaderno de Maya by Isabel Allende

With The Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo

What’s Mine and Yours by Maima Coster


Favorite Musicians:

Bomba Estero (Colombia) – “They are a Colombian group known for their tropical and psychedelic sounds that come from an indigenous traditions especially the Cumbia sounds. I chose this group because they represent very traditional sounds that every Hispanic can relay, their music can be danced to or even good to meditate to.” – Valentina Lopez

Celia Cruz (Cuba)  – “Celia Cruz helped popularize Salsa music in the US. By celebrating her Cuban culture, she also helped Afro-Latino Americans embrace their own heritage.” – Adria Nichols

Juan Luis Guerra (Dominican Republic)


Favorite Movies:

 In the Time of the Butterflies

Under the Same Moon



Favorite Artists:

Fernando Botero (Colombia) – “He wants everyone to see the beauty in people.” – Carolina DeSueza

Oscar De La Renta (Dominican Republican) – “He is an iconic top selling fashion designer whose pieces are often worn by famous celebrities.” – Kiaralis Abreu

Frida Kahlo (Mexico)

Salvador Dali (Spain)


Favorite Recipes:

Sofrito – “Most of my families food is made with Sofrito, which can be used with rice, stews, beans, or a protein. Enjoy!” – Adria Nichols
Click here for the recipe

Mofongo – Kiaralis Abreu
Click here for the recipe


Staff Nominees