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Developmental Disabilities Success: Addisa’s Story

Addisa Special Services Day Camp for children with developmental disabilities

Addisa first came to Special Services After School in 2009. In 2011, she began Special Services Summer Day Camp, and then Project Teen. We interviewed Addisa and asked her about her experiences at Commonpoint Queens. 

Q: How did you feel when you first came to the Sam Field Center?

A: I was shy, I didn’t know anyone, nervous and a little scared. 

Q: How do you feel now?

A: I love it. 

Q: If someone new was coming to the program what would you tell them?

A: I would tell them that we have a lot of nice counselors who help us and we have fun. I would tell them that we have great trips. We went to Sky Zone in the Bronx. It was awesome. We could see the city. On spring break we went to the playground across the street. One time we had a Valentine’s Day party and once we had pajama day and watched “The Grinch” and had hot cocoa and popcorn. 

Q: Can you tell us what you learn at After School?

A: They teach us about life skills like learn your address and how to get a job. We learned how to use a knife to cut fruit and make fruit salad. We practice how to make purchases and to read the supermarket circular. We’re going to go to a restaurant to order food. 

Q: Is there anything that you are very proud that you did in after school or Project Teen?

A: I volunteered at the Youth Showcase helping at the stations and at the Bay Terrace Pool when it opened. 

Q: If you had to think of one word to describe Sam Field Center, what would it be?

A: Awesome!