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Ellen Heimberger: Volunteer of the Month for April

One would be hard pressed to find someone with greater humility, teamwork, and keen attention to detail than Ellen Heimberger. For the last two months, Ellen has volunteered multiple days a week on our COVID-19 Vaccination Taskforce, helping nearly 2,500 community members with vaccine access. A lifelong New Yorker, Ellen worked as a copy-editor for McGraw Hill before obtaining her LMSW and launching a career as a psychiatric social worker. During her career, Ellen worked in congregate living facilities with hundreds of residents. She was drawn to Commonpoint Queens for the same reason she was drawn to social work: to make a positive difference in people’s lives. She is a life-long pet lover, having had two dogs and three cats during her life. 


How did you hear about Commonpoint Queens? I knew about Commonpoint Queens from years back, having attended the singles groups at the then Samuel Field Y with Phyllis Bohrer.


What draws you to volunteering? I decided to try to volunteer wherever they needed me to fill time productively. I started volunteering decades ago when, as a junior in high school I was offered the job of a Nurses Aide at North Shore Hospital. Currently, as a retired social worker, I needed to again fill time in a productive manner.  I wanted to help others, especially during this plague when people have suffered so much.


How do you volunteer with Commonpoint Queens: I thought working on the vaccine hotline was a powerful way to help bring about the end of the pandemic and help people endure its hardships. The same goes for my involvement with the food pantry.


What is your favorite part of volunteering at Commonpoint Queens? My favorite part of volunteering is working with all the people who are at the Sam Field Center. They are friendly and competent.


If you had one message to share with the world, what would it be? I believe each person should find time to help others and volunteer if they can.