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Fitness Teacher Extraordinaire: Health & Wellness Team Spotlight

Meet Jessica, fitness center at Central Queens

Since 2005, Jessica has been teaching at Central Queens. She began with dance classes for pre-kindergarten students and now teaches a variety of fitness classes, such as Zumba®, Pound® & Chair Yoga to children, adults, and seniors. She cares deeply about each and every individual participant. She donates her time to organize and host end-of-season parties and fun get-togethers for her classes.

Jessica says that after 14 years she calls Central Queens her “second home.” She still works with the pre-kindergarten kids and has added after-school programs, senior programs, and in the summer, summer camp programs.

Jessica told us that she is often asked, “How do you teach so many classes? Don’t you get tired?” Her answer is simple. “I love what I do! And Commonpoint Queens has given me the opportunity to do that. I have met so many wonderful people here. One particular person who holds a special place in my heart and to many others here is Niva, who we all call “grandma.” I met Niva about 7 years ago in one of my Chair Yoga classes and ever since then she has become a person who inspires me every day. She is a kind, caring, positive person who is always smiling even on a bad day. She looks out for others and is the first to offer help. If she isn’t in class, everyone always asks “where’s grandma?” I treasure my friendship with Niva and all the friendships I have made with so many members over the years. It truly is one of the most rewarding jobs. Just seeing adults or children smiling and having fun in my classes makes all the hard work worthwhile. There isn’t a class that goes by, that I am not reminded of how much of a positive impact I am making in someone’s life, but really it’s these same people who have done that for me and have helped me become the person I am today.”