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I feel “Thank G-d for Sam Field” in my heart

“I started coming to Sam Field 8 years ago volunteering in the Older Adult Department. In the beginning of the pandemic everything went crazy. I began getting meals delivered and all the programs I loved went virtual so I could still participate. 

From the first time I came, I met beautiful people and I felt like I was home, it is my second home. The Older Adult Department has given me a renewed sense of purpose, allowing me to make new friends, participate in great activities like art and exercise, and have engaging conversations about so many different things. That’s before even mentioning the important volunteer work that I’ve done, as I’ve been able to help the wonderful staff with administrative tasks and pitch in to help with the lunch program to ensure that fellow senior citizens have a welcoming environment to share a meal (hopefully again sometime soon!).

Two of my favorite memories from being a part of this great community center is that I was given an award from the Mayor’s office for my dedication to volunteering, and I was also selected to sing in front of an audience at the Queens Theatre at Flushing Meadows Corona Park a couple of summers ago. Myself and my friend Lucy spent months practicing with the talented team from Su Casa, and we shared songs that were very meaningful to us. I sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and I would not have been able to perform in front of an audience without the support of my peers at the Older Adult Center who encouraged me during practice sessions. I was very nervous, and once again, my friends at Sam Field helped me do my best and accomplish something I may not have been able to otherwise.

Coming to Commonpoint Queens, for me, it is just great, I feel, thank G-d for Sam Field in my heart. I am grateful that they have kept me connected even during the pandemic, and I look forward to eating lunch with all of my friends again some day soon.”   – Flo


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