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It’s never too late to chase your dreams

The Hub

“When the pandemic happened I lost both of my jobs,” said Rogel de Asis, 46 of Woodside. To make ends meet Rogel spent four days a week working in the foodservice industry, and the other three days working in hospitality. “In a way, it was a blessing that this happened because it led to me discovering The Hub and the amazing Culinary Training program.

When I moved to the United States it was my dream to go to the French Culinary Institute, but I couldn’t afford it. I am so lucky that I found a free program that taught me the same skills, allowed me to learn from a wonderful person in Chef Sabrina, and gave me the tools I need to be successful in chasing my dream job!”

After two decades with the Institute of Culinary Education, Sabrina Sexton joined the team at our employment hub to lead the way in providing critical culinary and professional skills that aspiring professionals need to thrive in the foodservice industry. Culinary Arts is one of the many – free – Vocational Training and Job Placement programs offered out of The Hub, along with Information Technology Training, Allied Health Training, Security Guard Training, and Bilingual Community Healthcare Worker Training and Job Placement programs. The Hub has helped place over 500 program participants in gainful employment opportunities since opening its doors last October!

“Considering the amount of job loss that took place during the pandemic, and how hard the foodservice industry has been hit, it’s incredibly meaningful for me to be in a position to help on both fronts. Our program – in a brand new state-of-the-art commercial kitchen – helps future chefs learn culinary techniques, receive both work-readiness and food safety training and certifications, and ultimately helps with internships and job placements!”

(Editor’s Note: And the food is AMAZING!)

“The Hub and Commonpoint Queens have been very good to me and I cherish the opportunity to give back to this wonderful community.” Rogel is one of The Hub’s Culinary Arts Training Program’s inaugural graduating class, and Commonpoint Queens is lucky to have him interning in the kitchen this summer where he’s preparing meals for several of our summer camp programs. “I’ll never forget this experience because it taught me life-changing skills. I feel prepared to pursue my dream of opening up my own restaurant, but more importantly, this opportunity gave me the perspective to be grateful for what I have and to remain positive!”

You can learn more about The Hub’s many employment programs and services by visiting www.commonpointqueens.org/hub

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