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Next Stop, Yale: College Access Client Success Story

Yuriy receives college decisions

As the 2018–19 school year hits the homestretch, Yuriy has plenty to celebrate. Please join us in congratulating Yuriy from Forest Hills High School who, with the help of Lance and the College Access program, has been accepted into Yale, Brown, Washington University in St. Louis, Georgetown, Tufts, Northeastern, Macaulay Honors, and the Sophie Davis program.

Yuriy made tremendous strides on his college essay with the College Access team. When he topped out on the SAT at around 1420, Lance advised him to switch to the ACT. After weeks of coaching and studying, he scored a 33, which translates into 1480 on the SAT. Those extra 60 points likely made the difference for Yuriy!

Yuriy is that rare breed; he has grit and perseverance. Yuriy is an immigrant to the U.S. and was raised by a single mother who worked three jobs to provide for him. Yuriy is also kind and giving. He helps classmates with homework and coaches for NYC Aces Tennis. The Oxford English dictionary defines awesome as “Extremely impressive; inspiring awe.” We think Yuriy is awesome. Oh, and not that we could ever forget, Yuriy is going to Yale in September.