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Scrabble is Like Life: NORC Client Success Story

Rosette and Armine's weekly Scrabble game thanks to NORC WOW

Neighborhood NORC Supportive Service Programs are designed to serve communities where a majority of residents have “aged in place.” The program’s goal is to help elders remain safely in their own homes as long as possible by offering social work and nursing services, educational and recreational services to all individuals 60 and over.

Armine is 104 years old. She first came to our NORC WOW (Naturally Occurring Retirement Community—With Out Walls) in 2004 when she was ninety. She was out walking her dog when she fell and shattered her shoulder. Armine was referred to NORC WOW and we began regular social worker and nurse visits. Once Armine was back on her feet she began attending NORC WOW programs and events, eventually joining the Senior Advisory Board and advocating for NORC WOW wherever and whenever she could.

Armine has always loved games and joined NORC WOW’s Mind Aerobics group. Each week they met at a homebound participant’s home to play games. Armine became homebound herself and at the same time, Rosette came to our Volunteer Department looking to give back. It was a match made in Scrabble heaven! For almost three years, every Wednesday afternoon a cut-throat game of Scrabble takes place on Armine’s dining table as Armine, Rosette, and Aila (Armine’s aide) tally triple word scores and check words in the official Scrabble dictionary.

Armine and Rosette agree, saying that Scrabble is like life and that you should take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself. Also, they enjoy one another’s company and learn from each other.