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Steve Dolman: Volunteer of the Month For July

steve volunteer of the month

Commonpoint Queens is incredibly fortunate to have amazing volunteers as kind, gentle, and humble as Steve Dolman. A tremendous team player, Steve has been volunteering at the Commonpoint Queens Forest Hills food pantry since March 2021, serving over 300 hours since.

When asked to describe himself, Steve says that he is a “person who cares about others.” Steve has been volunteering all his life with different organizations, first with The Federation for the Handicapped. Steve became involved with the organizations when he would go with his parents to take a family member with a disability to the center for socialization. At The Federation for the Handicapped, Steve would volunteer on trips and at organized activities. While Steve has been in the business world all of his adult life, he says that he “always felt that there had to be something more personally satisfying out there,” which drew him to volunteering. Steve says that “helping others and knowing that they appreciate the effort I do” is particularly rewarding to him.

Steve heard about volunteering at Commonpoint Queens through joining the Commonpoint Queens email list. Steve explains: “I had time on my hands and felt that I wanted to do something to help others. Helping others helps me step away from my own issues and makes me feel better.”

Steve chose to volunteer at the Forest Hills food pantry because he had volunteered at food pantries before and found the work familiar and rewarding. Steve’s favorite part about volunteering with Commonpoint Queens is interacting with other volunteers and clients.