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Summer Happens EVERYWHERE!


“Summer is our favorite time of the year, but when you ask what our favorite place is…that’s a difficult question to answer!”

Kerry and David have watched their two boys—Ilan (15) and Yonatan (13)—grow up at camp with Commonpoint Queens! The boys spent the last decade developing a love for sports, adventures, and camp spirit at Explorer Day Camp before seeking new thrills at Island Quest Day Camp at the legendary Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds last summer. Funny enough, they even spent some time at Sababa Beach Away, which takes place in Virginia Beach and teaches young people a stronger sense of self and mindfulness through surfing, sailing, and ocean discovery. This is an incredible coincidence since  Commonpoint Queens now manages this unique program, which also has a day camp in the Rockaways.

“The boys have had transformative summers at all of these camps, and each experience has had such a lasting impact. From learning how to swim, to building a love for sports, to developing some of the  closest friendships they have…these are memories that mean the world to them. On top of that, they feel more connected to the world around them. Yonatan practices a Kol Haneshama breathing exercise when he feels overwhelmed, how many 13 year olds do that?”

This summer Ilan can’t wait to be a Leader in Training at Island Quest and take part in Commonpoint’s special trip to Israel, while Yonatan is excited to get Scuba certified with Sababa.

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