Cultural Arts and Jewish Heritage Programs Special Events

The Cultural Arts & Jewish Heritage Programs Department is excited to bring engaging events for families and community members both in person and virtually! Join us to celebrate Jewish holidays, cultural celebrations, festivals, and more for all ages.

A woman and a little girl engaging in Cultural Arts by playing with dough.
A cultural group posing in front of the western wall during a special event.
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A Passover message from Amit Yaacov, our Community Shaliach:
This month we’ll celebrate the holiday of Passover. On Passover we remember the exodus of the Israelites from slavery under the Egyptian kingdom. In the Biblical story, after long 400 years in Egypt, the Israelites were saved in a miraculous way and eventually made it to the promised land of Israel.
In our days, over 3,000 years later, for 133 of our own sisters and brothers, Passover is not the holiday of exodus and freedom but another day of captivity. I believe that in these times of despair, Passover is here to remind us that while we’re united against evil – salvation will come.

With a prayer that all the hostages will be celebrating the holiday with their families, I wish us a peaceful Passover. 

Graphic invitation for Celebrate PJ Library's 18th birthday, featuring a cake with a lit candle, event details, and colorful confetti background.

PJ Library’s 18th Birthday Party

Sunday, May 19, 12-2pm

Join PJ Library in New York for a Mitzvah Madness Birthday Party at Commonpoint Queens Central Queens on Sunday, May 19 from noon – 2:00 pm. Wear your favorite PJs for a rockin’ pajama party!

The afternoon will include a family concert with Rebecca Schoffer of 92NY Shababa and a book festival showcasing some of PJ Library’s favorite storybooks. Families will have the opportunity to participate in mitzvah projects, including creating care packages for local food pantries and sending cards to a community center in Israel.

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A person standing in a large hall with vibrant light projections and ornate patterns on towering structures, gesturing upwards during a cultural event.

The Nova Music Festival Exhibition

The Nova Music Festival Exhibition
Wednesday, May 22nd, 11AM – 12:30PM

The ‘Tribe of Nova’ Foundation provides a complete therapeutic and social solution for our survivors impacted. Consisting of mental, financial, social, and occupational assistance to survivors and their families, as well as to families of the captives who remain in Gaza. Tribe of Nova Foundation also provides commemoration events in memory of its members who were murdered. Our goal is to enable long term recovery from trauma by providing a community-based outlet and ensure survivors receive culture sensitive resources needed.

Cost is $20 – includes roundtrip travel, admission to the exhibition, donation to the Tribe of Nova Foundation. Must be 16+ to attend due to exhibit content

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