Request a Private/Semi Private Swim Lesson

  • Prices for Private Lessons

    (1 Person)

    1 Lesson - $40 Members/$50 Non-Members

    5 Lessons - $175 Members/$225 Non-Members

    10 Lessons - $300 members/$400 Non-Members

  • Prices for Semi-Private Lessons

    (2 People)

    1 Lesson - $60 Members/$75 Non-Members

    5 Lessons - $265 Members/$355 Non-Members

    10 Lessons - $475 members/$575 Non-Members

  • Please list AT LEAST 2 days and times.

    Please note:
    - Lessons are based on facility and instructor's availability
    - Lessons may be going on at the same time with other swim programs and open swim times.

  • Private Swim Lesson Policies

    1. Please pay for your lessons at least 24 hours before your first lesson.
    2. You are responsible for getting to your lessons ON TIME. If you are late, your time will not be extended.
    3. If you need to cancel your lesson for the week, call/text your instructor at least 24 hours in advance. Do not leave a message with our front desk.
    4. If you miss two lessons in a row without informing your instructor, your scheduled time slot will be given away and you will have to speak with the Private Lesson Coordinator to arrange another instructor/time.
    5. We are NOT responsible for lost tickets. please keep them safe as they will NOT BE REPLACED. There will be no exceptions.
    6. Tickets expire 4 months from issue date. Expired tickets are not eligible for a refund or credit.