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After School Gives New Meaning to “Home Away from Home”


“As adults sometimes we lose our attention span or become disengaged, it’s that much tougher for children,” said Victoria. “Even when they did after-school programs at home, the children were so engaged and excited about seeing their favorite counselors and friends from school.”

Victoria’s children have been attending our after-school program at PS 220 since 2017, and they’re beyond thrilled to get back to their home away from home this fall. 

“Working families had a hectic year juggling demanding jobs with our children’s needs. I was so thankful for all that Commonpoint Queens did for the community with the food delivery and employment services, that they were also able to keep our children learning, entertained, and busy for a few hours in the late afternoons made life so much easier for me.”

“We’re so proud of the work that we did to keep our children and families connected during what was an incredibly difficult school year for all of us,” said Lauren Guillen, the director of the after-school program at PS 220. On top of homework help and skill-based electives, Guillen and her team also launched Commonpoint TV this Spring, with pre-recorded videos instructing children on art projects, new cooking recipes, and exercise classes. “After our children spent so much time on their screens during the day we knew we needed to keep things fresh and entertaining, but we also wanted it to feel like they were still able to participate in their favorite aspects of after school.”

“Both myself and the children loved the special family engagement nights like Bingo, Learn How to Cook with a Chef, and Mystery Shows! But more than anything, they just can’t wait to get back to school to socialize with their friends, play in their activities, and start practicing for next year’s talent show!”

Us too Victoria!

You can learn more about Commonpoint Queens after school programs by visiting here.

Please visit here, if you would like to make a donation to Commonpoint Queen’s after school programs, or contact Judy Vladimir at jvladimir@commonpointqueens.org.

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