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Commonpoint Queens Green Committee to Pilot Recycling at Central Queens

In August, Commonpoint Queens launched our Green Committee in an effort to make our agency more sustainable. The first project of the Green Committee is launching a recycling program at Central Queens.

The recycling program officially kicks off at Central Queens on Sunday, October 6. Beginning October 6, there will be bins available on every floor of the building for both recycling and for trash. We will work to ensure that all who enter our building use the correct container: clean paper, bottles and cans, or trash. Signs and labels will be available to clarify what materials can and what cannot be recycled. More information on New York City Department of Sanitation recycling regulations can be found here and here in a graphic from GrowNYC.

Recycling reduces pollution and greenhouse gases. Together the agency will work to make your community center cleaner and greener!

For more information, please contact Peggy Kurtz at 718-268-5011 ext. 151 or pkurtz@commonpointqueens.org, or visit www.commonpointqueens.org/recycling.