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Le’Gaya – Explorer Day Camp at the Queens County Farm

“First, I would like to say thank you for the time each and every one of you spent in consideration of my daughter Le’Gaya to attend your program this summer. It truly warms my heart knowing there are support services to help those truly in need. I’ve been in the Direct Services field for quite some time. I am usually the one pouring compassion and service into others. It always felt right and true. It is not often, if at all, I reach out and ask for help. Not because of pride. More so, because it wouldn’t feel right if it’s not necessary.

I’ve been able to make ends meet as a single mother. I’ve been highly blessed and favored. I am saying this because I have been through the storm and rain, however was always able to provide my daughter with the best. When I named my daughter it was to uphold my grandfather’s legacy. Le’Gaya (leg-guy-ya) in tagalog (Filipino) means happy. I was also reminded that Gaia was the ancient Greek goddess of the Earth. It did not dawn on me until after Le’Gaya completed Farm Camp that she has a true love for nature and animals. When they say children are our future, as a parent I understand. Thank you for being part of the village that has allowed me to continue to provide. I am truly honored and thankful.

I am not writing this to sound “good.” I am being very descriptive and detailed because we have not met and may never. I want you to understand and try to hear where I am coming from when I say, THANK YOU! Thank you for making this happen. Your work, practice, and ethics do not go unnoticed and will be returned to you.”

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