Children’s Sports Classes

Children need physical activity, and our youth sports classes are the best place to start! We provide progressive classes/leagues with an engaging and age-appropriate sports curriculum.

Children need physical activity, and our youth sports center is the best place to start. We provide progressive classes / leagues with an engaging and age-appropriate sports curriculum. Our dynamic instructors will guide your child to reach their full potential. Join us for our fun & exciting programs!

Programs change from season to season, but below are classes that we offer in a given year.

Kiddie Sports

(Ages 2.5-4 years, with parent/caregiver)

Introduce your toddler to the fundamental skills associated with baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, and gymnastics. Our child-sized equipment helps encourage participation, excitement, and fun!

Ball Bonanza

(Ages 3.5-5 years)

For the child who loves to bounce, throw, kick and play ball. Children learn skills that utilize balls and incorporate them into movement activities and games such as tee-ball, soccer, and basketball.

Triple Play

(Ages 3.5-5 years)

Even young children can learn and enjoy the fundamental skills of soccer, basketball, and baseball. While using child-sized equipment, instructors use mini-game play situations and drills to develop understanding of each sport.

Super Sports

(Grades K–6)

Your child will experience and increase his/her fitness level as s/he learns new skills in various sports such as basketball, soccer, kickball and much more!

All Sorts of Sports

(Ages 4-5)

Introduce your child to a variety of sports skills. Modified equipment and games are used to create a fun and active environment. Sports include basketball, soccer, tee-ball, hockey and more.

Hoop it Up Instructional Basketball Program

(Ages 5-7 – Co-Ed)

Give your child the opportunity to learn basketball in a competitive yet fun environment. Game days include instructional drills as well as game play. Children will be placed by skill and age appropriate groups.

Basketball Skill Clinic

(Ages 8-11 – Co-Ed)

The clinic is designed to teach fundamentals of basketball for the novice as well as seasoned players. The main focus of the clinic will be conditioning, skill specific drills and scrimmage games. Sportsmanship, defense/offense, footwork and strategy will also be included.

Indoor Jr. Soccer Shooter

(Ages 2-3 & 3.5-4.5)

An instructional program developed for your preschooler. While incorporating drills and mini-games, children learn the fundamentals of soccer. Program is held at the CQY multi-purpose room. (Team T-shirt and individual trophies included in the fee.)

Spring/Summer Programming:
Instructional Outdoor Youth Soccer Program

(Ages 3-12 – Co-Ed)

Our soccer program offers your child, along with our enthusiastic coaches, the opportunity to learn fundamental soccer skills, game play and to have a positive team experience.

Outdoor Lacrosse

(Ages 7-10 – Co-Ed)

We are bringing back one of the hottest sports to the CQY! This introductory Lacrosse program focuses on the fundamentals; throwing, catching, scooping, cradling and shooting. Great for developing hand/eye coordination, balance, conditioning and burning some calories. Bring your own Lacrosse Stick.

Outdoor Tee Ball League & Baseball Skills

(Ages 3–8)

An instructional and recreational program developed to teach fundamental skills. Ages 5 to 8 will focus on more complex skills and positioning on the field. Children will participate in game play as they develop their skills. Children will be placed by age, and all ages need to bring a baseball mitt. Helmets are required for children ages 5 to 8.

Outdoor Kids’ Tennis

(Ages 5–12)

Join us for our children’s tennis program, held outdoors at the Forest Hills High School tennis courts!

Children will learn the fundamentals of tennis by utilizing modified nets, shorter court dimensions, and low pressure balls. Lessons are fun, interactive, and include activities to develop the skills to play tennis. Bring your own racquet