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Chris: An Opportunity Youth Success Story


Chris joined the Opportunity Youth High School Equivalency Program in September 2021 when he was 23. During his first cohort, he struggled to consistently attend classes. He was scheduled to take the exam in December 2021, but he arrived at the test center late, missing a subject, and failing a second subject. After this, Chris was losing his motivation and felt that getting his diploma would always be out of his reach.

His Opportunity Youth Case Manager worked with Chris and he re-engaged in the program in February 2022. He attended class regularly and successfully completed his internship. Everyone noticed the change in Chris’s personality as he became more confident, outgoing, and open.

On July 12, 2022, Chris re-took his High School Equivalency subject test. Chris was too afraid to check his score, so he called his case manager to check for him. We are happy to share that he passed and the first thing he did is come to our office right away to thank the staff. Chris is currently working and recently took the Department of Sanitation Civil Service Test!

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