Tennis Classes at the Commonpoint Queens Tennis and Athletic Center

Adults (Age 18-60), Youth (Age 6-12)
Commonpoint Queens Tennis and Athletic Center at Alley Pond
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Spring Session Program

6 or 7 Week Session
May 6, 2024 – June 23, 2024

No Classes:
: Saturday, May 25 through Monday, May 27

Summer Session I Program

Registration opens Monday, June 3

5 or 6 Week Session
July 1, 2024 – August 11, 2024
No Classes: Thursday, July 4

Summer Session II Program

Registration opens Monday, June 3

5 or 6 Week Session
August 19, 2024 – September 29, 2024
No Classes: Monday, September 2

Commonpoint Queens Tennis & Athletic Center at Alley Pond Park offers tennis classes for all ages and levels.

All players with tennis experience are required to register for an evaluation prior to registering for a class. Call 718-269-7262 to reserve your evaluation spot today!

Please register through our online system here:

Sign up for BOTH Summer I and Summer II tennis programs at the same time and receive a FREE CLASS on us!

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We also offer private and semi-private lessons for juniors and adults.

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  • Red 1 (5-8 years old) – Introducing tennis and start of a tennis pathway.  Enhancing motor skills, balance and hand eye coordination.  They are taught all the basic strokes in a fun and safe environment.
  • Red 2 (5-8 years old) – Continuation of coordination, agility and balance.  Kids in this class has to maintain 5 shot rally with a serve (maybe start with underhand serve or trophy position serve).  Here they will be taught different match formats and score keeping.  Score keeping is 2 out of 3 7point tiebreaks
  • Orange 1 (9 and under) – Beginner entry level.  Basic strokes, scoring formats, proper grips emphasized and manage to hold a rally within service box.  Goal is to get the players to be able to hit from the 60’ line
  • Orange 2 (9 and under)– Advancement from orange ball 1.  Players should be able to hold a consistent rally of6 or more and be able to start with a full motion serve.  Players need to compete in match play and know the rules of the game.  Pathway here is to be able to compete orange ball tournament. 2 out of 3, 4 game format with no ad scoring should be emphasized with the 3rd set playing 7-point tiebreaker
  • Green 1 (10-12 years old) – 24”-27” racquets (depending on size of student).  Students are taught full court tennis with understanding rules of tennis, score keeping and learning to compete.  Proper grips, footwork and spin is emphasized. 
  • Green 2 (10-12 years old) – 24-27” racquets (depending on size of students).  Students should be able to compete in match play in this level.  Many drills/point play will be based on tactics and understanding of competition.  Proper grips, footwork and spin should be set in place in this group
  • Yellowball 1 (13-17 years old)– This is an introductory program that will educate the players on the rules of tennis and important key points in developing/sustaining a rally.
  • Yellowball 2 (13-17 years old) – focus on footwork, proper grips, emphasize spin and point development helping them compete for matchplay.  Class is geared for HS students or students wanting to start playing tournaments
  • Youth Intro (8-12 years old):  Designed for young players with no or limited tennis experience. The focus is on learning overall athletic abilities and tennis specific skills. 
  • Teen Intro (12-17 years old): Designed for teen players with no, or limited, tennis experience. The focus is on learning overall athletic abilities and tennis specific skills.
  • UTR (2-3)– Players developing a strong foundation and showing the commitment needed to become a competitive tournament player. At this stage, players have successfully transitioned into yellow balls and are expected to be competing locally with frequency.
  • UTR (3-5)– Players have a sound technical base overall and are able to sustain focus and intensity consistently. At this stage, players are competing in local and section tournaments consistently. 
  • Intro Class (1.0) – Introductory class for players who are new to tennis. Program is designed to teach rules and basic strokes of the game.  Green balls may be used to enhance liveball play.
  • Level-up Drill (2.0) – This class is designed with more game based play with the understanding of strategic play and doubles positioning.  Strokes are more refined with the proper grips and spin development.
  • Drill (2.5-3.0) – Levels of players here are 2.5-3.0.  In this group players work on specific movement, strokes or play tactic and summed up in live ball play.
  • Drill & Play (3.5) – Levels of players must be 3.5 in this group players are drilled for the first hour (doubles strategy) and play for the last 1/2 hour.
  • Adult High Performance (4.0-4.5) – This is an advanced level group. Players are drilled for the first hour (doubles strategy) and play for the last 1/2 hour. Ratio 4:1
  • CP Zone (2.0+) – 1.5hr of high impact rotating doubles games. No drills and instruction limited.
  • Cardio (2.5+) – High impact circuit training with the use of apparatus and possibly with upbeat music pumping during the class.
  • Adult Leagues – Adult League run by Cathie Delaney.  Players are sent out to their courts where they play doubles and keep track of scores.

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